Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing is used for targeting N numbers of people at the same time by sending Bulk SMS to them using Bulk SMS panel. You can send your personal numbers, messages offer to your customers using this service.

IVR Marketing

IVR is the automatic telephonic system that is used for interacting people towards your business and offers. In IVR, we provide various services like Toll-Free Numbers, Pre-call Recorded, Missed Call Services, etc.  

SEO Services

SEO is used for increasing organic traffic directly on the website. We provide On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO using different types of Google Strategies. In SEO we follow all the rules like we provide 100% unique content, keywords according to the keywords planner etc.

Whatsapp marketing

Nowadays people are more active on WhatsApp as compared to other social media platforms. WhatsApp Marketing gives a personal touch to the customer and establishes a trustworthy relationship between a seller and a   customer.  

Content Marketing

Google does not understand the Images and Videos. It only understands content and love content-rich websites. Content marketing is basically used to build internal links and off-page SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the fastest approach to give the right direction and instant growth to the business because as per the research 47% of population is active on social media. In social Media Marketing, we use relevant hashtags and keywords, posts and sponsor advertisement.

SEM Services

Search Engine Services is referring to as the paid marketing. People do PPC, Google Ads, Bings Ads, etc. to increase traffic and sales through a website. Mainly, it is the process of gaining website traffic using purchased ads. 

Voice Over Services

Voice Over Services is also known as off-camera which is not the part of any narrative or a prerecorded voice. A voice which is recorded once and use many times through telephone or other communication instruments. It may be recorded by a famous person, RJ, or local artist.

Data Provider

We have the best updated and unique database of reliable customers including email id and phone number. We are one of the top Data Provider companies in India because of the quality Database.


Rich Digital Media Hub offers the all above services including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Bulk SMS Marketing, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Data Provider Service, Toll-Free Numbers, Website Development Services, and Graphic Design, IVR marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, Google AdWords, etc. for the proper growth and success of the business.

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