Search Engine Marketing is a paid marketing on Search Engine which is used for increasing visibility on the Search Engine. This is used to increase the traffic and sale on the website. PPC, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Remarketing, etc. are parts of Search Engine Marketing. The difference between SEO and SEM is, Search Engine Optimization is used to increase organic traffic on the website and SEM is used for Paid Marketing.
affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest techniques to earn money in Digital Marketing. Basically, it is a commission-based marketing. For example, if you refer a product link to others and if anyone buys that product by clicking on your link then you will get the commission.

Community Marketing

Community Marketing

Community marketing is a strategy to build trust and relation between existing customers.  Mostly, this is used for social media like Facebook group, WhatsApp group, group on twitter, Instagram etc. Companies follow community marketing to increase brand loyalty.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing


This is the most powerful tools for the marketing purpose because Google only understand content, not Images and Videos. Content marketing is used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Blogging, and the ranking on Search Engine first page.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid marketing strategy which is done through Google Adword. Using this tool you can create ads according to your current goal. The goal can be like increasing traffic, generating leads, brand awareness, etc. Through ad you can temporarily bring your website on top which increases visibility and conversion of the brand.

PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

PPC is known as the Pay Per Click. It means the seller will be charged every time when anyone clicks on the advertisement link. We can say that it’s a way of buying visits on the website. But this is not guaranteed that user will buy the product. This cost is only for clicks on the advertisement and redirect to the website landing page.

Re-Marketing & Influencer Reach

When an organization hires some famous personality to do promotion of their brand then this is called Influencer Marketing. As the social platforms has become important part of everybody life Influencer marketing is becoming a great tool for promotion of product and services.

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Real time Report

We track the traffic using analytics and shared real-time reports with our clients. So, that they can know how we implement strategy towards the business.

Use Relavent Keywords

First we analysis and compile the list of high ranking and relevant keywords and after that create advertisement campaign accordingly.

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