Community Marketing is a cost-effective service because here you we know our targeting audience and to target it we can use mediums like Google AdWords, paid marketing, SMS marketing, IVR Marketing, Out bound calls, etc. When we target a community or a society, we know what we are focusing towards and we know the pain areas of the same.

Benefits of using community Marketing

It is mostly used in social media channels like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. In Community Marketing, we create a group of relevant people or who are interested in the same industry and promote our brands in that group. They may also be a part of a community, society, organisation or firm. They follow it and send it to other groups and that is called Community Marketing. Community Marketing is very effective for brand awareness among the people. If your brand is already famous then it is important to meet new potential customers outside like seminars, an exhibition for the promotion purpose.


Community Marketing

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