An automated voice call pre-recorded by a RJ or any famous person, works as Pre-Recorded Call or also knowns as out-bound call. In this service, Voice is recorded once and you can send it to the potential customers at any time and at any location. You don’t need to record the messages again and again. This is used as a reminder, follow-ups, feedback calls, etc. Hypothetically when we receive calls from any showroom the recording, we hear is hello ABC presents a 50% discount on your name to avail the offer kindly press 1. Pre-Recorded Call Service is mostly used in cases of spreading an information, offer, ongoing discount or upcoming event. I am sure may have heard about the calls by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal saying that “NAMASKAR ARVIND KEJRIWAL BOL RAHA HOON

Benefits Of Using Pre-Recorded Calls Service

Pre-Recorded Call Service is a technology to interact with people via automated phone calls using Pre-Recorded audio messages.

One-way-Our system calls people and plays back a message you Pre-Recorded in any language.

Two-way–Our system calls and plays back questions or prompts that you pre-recorded and the recipients reply to the questions or prompts by pressing keys.

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