"Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients"
Toll Free Number Service

Toll Free Number

Toll-Free Number is used to allow the customer to call as free. Having a separate number allows your customer to reach quickly without paying any charge. In Toll-Free Number, you can forward your call to another person anywhere in the world. This is an easy and quick way to give a response and increase the available for the customer.

Virtual Number Services

Virtual Mobile Number

A virtual mobile number is a 10 digits telephonic number which is displayed on the customer screen. The actual number is updated on backend which route the user’s calls to the actual number. Virtual Numbers help businesses to grow quickly. It is used to improve customer service.

Missed Call Services

Missed Calls Services

A missed Call Service uses SMS to inform the receiver about the call. Sometimes when you call someone who is not available or out of reachable and after some time you get a message that he is available to take a call or the second person gets a message that you were trying to call him. This is called Missed Calls Service.

Pre- Recorded Services

Pre-Recorded Voice Calls

Pre-recorded voice calls are recorded once and send to landline or mobile number networks across the country. This is automated calls and a very powerful tool for promoting a business.  In pre-recorded calls, you can change the languages.

Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solution is a part of IVR service. In this service we allot a dedicated team which will solve all query of the customer and helps to generate sales and reach. IVR is the automatic telephonic system which is used for interacting people towards your business and offers.

Click to Call Service

Click 2 Call Solutions

Click to call service is also a very important part of IVR. In this service we allot a button on the website and when anyone click on that button and enter the mobile number. You can track the mobile number and can do call back instantly. 

Voice Over Internet

Voice Over Internet Service

This service is mostly used for contacting the people who are living out of the country. Through these services you can call in a different country at no cost. You can use this service through desktop, landline or a phone which is connected to the router. 

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Fax To Mail

The IVR service allows its customers to send and receive faxes. This allows you to receive faxes in your mail ID. So you can use this service from any geographical distribution.

Out Dial Prompting

IVR system for small businesses has the feature of out dial prompting. This means when your customers are busy you will be able to switch to another option.

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