A missed call service is the value-added service that is used for lead generation. It allows the mobile operator to reach out to the customer to use the call log and notification system. This service works while the customer mobile number is not reachable or switched off. We also use this service when we are looking forward to pure lead generation. Miss Call Service is a new and updated feature in the marketing world. It helps us to classify the leads to pure or creamed. We as service users also receive messages saying property for 1 Cr with different specifications and then there is an option saying miss call on the number to know more. When we give a miss call as per the instructions. After 2 to 3 rings, it automatically either disconnects, once disconnected we receive a message saying Thank you our executive will get back to you shortly or after the ring it will play the message. On the other side once, the procedure is complete the executive will receive the number displaying on their respective screens.

Benefits Using Missed Call Service

The success of your business completely depends on consistent and hassle-free communication with your customers. Missed call alert service is the shortest way to reach the service you are looking for and hence it has become indispensable for businesses these days.

In simple word, if you miss any call then the service provider company will send you a message such as you received a miss call from XYZ (service provider company Name.


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