Conference Call is a telephonic call in which many people can join calls together. It acts just like a conference meeting in which there is a room, table and chairs where all the employees to the limit of the room can join. A new and an extra feature is added to the Conference Call Service Provider provides a number and four-digit codes. The conference calls may be designed to allow the called people to participate during the call, or the call may be set up so that the called party listens into the call and cannot speak.

Benefits Using Conference Call Service

This is a very beneficial service for business purpose which is secure. If anybody wants to join the call, first they have to dial the four-digit number. After dialing the number, they will automatically connect with the conference call. Rich Media Hub provides this service at the best price. This is also known as three-way calling. For a three-way call, the first called party is dialed. Then the recall button is pressed and the other called party’s phone number is dialed. While it is ringing, flash/recall is pressed again to connect the three people together. This option allows callers to add a second outgoing call to an already connected call. In this way, you can connect more than one person at the same time.

Businesses mostly uses Conference Call Service to connect the team member at different places. They mostly use it for the meeting purpose, interviews, presentation, etc.

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