WhatsApp Marketing is the latest trending marketing tool that is used using WhatsApp Panel. Using this tool, you can target a large number of audiences in any area, education and age just by a click. In WhatsApp Marketing, you can send your product’s image with the content. We can also add links for the website, location links, and maps API.
Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp Bulk Messaging

This is an easy way to reach and attract customers. You can send group WhatsApp to unlimited mobile numbers at the same time. IN Whatsapp Marketing tools there are no setup fees and no hidden costs. Using this tool you can send an image of your product and it is better for Customer Engagement.

Business WhatsApp Marketing

Business WhatsApp API is an integration done in the system in such a way that whenever any client transacts with the company or firm or brand, one will receive a thankyou message for the transaction with the amount and the left-over balance. Generally, we also receive this message from our banks but it is on SMS service. Here we will be able to receive the message on WhatsApp. Companies like OYO, Book My Show, Ola are already using the same technology. Business WhatsApp Marketing helps in establishing brands and records for transaction. Customer as impacted with satisfaction and they can also keep a record for the same.

There are many agencies working on the same. For Business WhatsApp I would recommend you Rich Media Hub as they have the expertise in the same and are also known as the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi.

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You can target a large number of genuine audiences within a few Minutes. 94% of people are using WhatsApp for communicating with each other and this is the fastest way to convey the message worldwide. In this way, you can share your new launching product, offers, ongoing discounts, etc. for promoting your brand personally. Also, the visuals always affect more than words therefore sending a picture, Video, or a document leaves a good impression.


In Bulk SMS Marketing you can only send SMS to the client but in WhatsApp Marketing, you can add your product image, Video, Document, Audio which you want to promote.

Rich Content

In WhatsApp marketing, you can completely describe your product with images and offers. The character limit is 1200 which is enough to describe a product, an ongoing offer. We provide you the facility to send rich Content on the same with best WhatsApp marketing service in Delhi.


This is the best feature of WhatsApp marketing. If you want to target your audience location-wise then you can easily do it. We have a large number of data including name, phone number, and email id according to the location wise. We can also target audience as per their age, gender, salary bar and pin codes.

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