Nowadays there are more mobile phones than people. This is time to use digital marketing service and this is the fastest way to communicate with people and go viral. This is right to say that Bulk SMS marketing is one of the most important part of business strategies. Bulk SMS marketing is a form of mass communication that allows business owners to connect with their targeting audience through mobile technology. Simply put, text messages are sent to a database of numbers containing marketing material along with a particular promotion or timely offer. This service does not need the internet to deliver. It is offline based services. Rich Media Hub provides Bulk SMS services at the cheapest price in India. The specialty of SMS marketing is that any business, whatever its size or budget, can use it. 

Promotional Bulk SMS Service

Promotional bulk SMS is one of the cheapest marketing solutions available in the market. You can create awareness about your brand, product or any offer in one click by sending bulk SMS to N number of people in a go, you can immediately send new offers, information about new products or any upcoming events to your customers. Rich Media Hub provides you Promotional Bulk SMS services which you can use for brand promotion, ongoing offers, product marketing, and general awareness.

Promotional Bulk SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS services

Mainly it is used for sending reminders, updates, and alerts to your existing clients. Transactional SMS is used to secure individual or sensitive information

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Personalized SMS Services

In this service, you can give a personal touch to your SMS by including names, IDs and other information without a need for plugins. This is an effective way to attract your customers by providing trustworthy details about yourself because people have a feeling of human, non-computer communication when they receive personalized text messages, they can easily trust on you. Also personalized SMS makes the customer thinks of an exclusive member and they count on you for sure usage of services or buying goods.

15+ Regional Languages

This is a very user-friendly feature. Type and send SMS in 15+ Indian different languages.

Sender Id and Template Ease

Saving time by creating SMS Content and Sender Id and using them for frequently sent messages. Also, you can check previously sent Content and Template.

100% Delivery Guaranteed

Thousands of enterprises including leading Companies trust us with sending OTPs and other business-critical messages via our SMS gateway. Intelligent, fine-tuned SMS gateway routing technology Direct connectivity with multiple telecom operators 100% Delivery guaranteed.

Mobile Surveys and Forms

Create Mobile-optimized Surveys & Forms. Get Maximum responses by sending them as links in your SMS Campaign.

Real-Time Delivery and Reports

Track live SMS delivery status of every SMS you send. Also, You Can Fetch Real-Time Reports from Panel.

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