Customized Message Build Your Brand Loyalty

Customization of a message can be used for personalization. Personalization in marketing is about using collected information and craft the perfect offer that speaks to the individual customer business intend to serve. The goal of customization is to make the customer more engage or interact with a business. It enhances the customer experience which ultimately leads to sales and better return on investment to the business. Customization also helps to create brand awareness as it also attracts new customers. Text messages are mobile-friendly which increases the chances of open rate therefor customize message has more chances of opening.

The benefit of personalized messages is that it increases brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Also, it improves the customer experience as the customer gets attracted to personal information mention in the detail and tends to give more attention to it.

Benefits also come with few challenges like customers worry about their information to be shared with other brands that are why customer trust is the most important factor in personalized messages.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

  1. Low Cost:

Multiple ways of marketing are available but bulk SMS service is one of the cheapest and most reliable sources of marketing. Due to the customization, it tends to give a better return on investment also it allows the customer to revert instantly which tends to bring engagement than any other resources. You can send multiple messages at one time and costs get cover within a few clicks only. No restriction on region makes it even more useful as wide areas can be covered at a low cost.

  1. Higher Conversion Rate:

Conversion Rate is incredibly high in text messages as compared to the other source. No matter what SMS content like promotion, daily deals, etc. there is more action taken on SMS as compared to any other marketing strategy.


  1. Reliable:

We face multiple challenges is sources like Email wherein there are chances that important email might land in Spam but there is no such case in SMS except a few restrictions like DND message can be sent to all the other phone numbers. Customers can instantly respond to the text without involving any third party which makes it more reliable to the customer and increases brand loyalty.


  1. Mobile-Friendly:

Most of the people these days prefer to do shopping online and they use mobile apps or mobile web for the same. So through SMS Service they can directly click on the link present in the text and redirect to app or web. In fact, if marketing is done for desktop and mobile businesses get maximum response from mobile-only.

  1. Targeted Audience:

Whenever a customer buys from a brand online or from the physical store they always take their information while billing to analyze their brand loyalty and collect customer information. In this way, they can send customize promotions and deals to customers and It will reduce costs and increase their conversion rate.

  1. Brand Awareness:

New, as well as old businesses, can use Promotional Bulk SMS to attract customers to their new deals, new product or even if they have a new store. In this case, personalization will help a lot to the business because if the business is old, customers will definitely check what their favorite brand Is offering and if the brand is new, customer will check if their personal information or interest is mention.

4 thoughts on “Customized Message Build Your Brand Loyalty”

  1. I’ve had customers ask me about sending bulk SMS messages, but I don’t know who to recommend for this service as I don’t know what sort of results one can get from it. I’m sure it works otherwise businesses would not be using it. It would be very interesting to read an article that offered stats on CTR and conversions using bulk SMS services.

  2. Great points about SMS, everywhere I look I see people talking about how the open rates are super high. I listen a lot to a Shopify podcast and they spent a whole episode talking and interviewing someone who is killing it with SMS. Moving on it now is probably a good thing. I recently did a podcast on another way to personalize emails to clients, it dealt with a platform called Hyperise. It adds brand logo and other information into each email being sent out for super personalization. Will be taking a closer look at SMS, if you know of any SMS tools would love to feature on the show. Thanks!

  3. I used to be suggested this website via my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written via him as nobody else understand such special approximately
    my difficulty. You’re amazing! Thank you!

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