Why IVR is very Important even for a Small Business?

IVR full form is Interactive Voice Response. It makes business looks more professional thus enhance customer satisfaction, therefore, better sustainability and improves sales. IVR system is an automated technology through this technology caller that can input their information via phone which allows the business to clearly organize the calls and redirect it to the right person. IVR works like a self-help tool to the customer as it is available 24×7, customers can contact and get their problems resolved anytime.

The IVR through automated interaction makes the business looks more professional which improves the Brand image. Therefore, businesses especially small ones can greatly benefit from using the IVR system.


  1. Better First Impression:

Due to the automated IVR system, it reduces the chances of errors. It helps the customer find the solution to their problem without speaking to the live agent. As it is available 24 hours. This is best for small businesses as they have less expertise and resources in handling the customer. Interactive Voice Response services are used by banking to answer the calls due to high volume calls received by banks for various inquiries.

  1. Available 24*7:

Businesses can focus more on their productivity rather than handling calls. IVR system enables small businesses to answer all the calls without any limitation of limited employees. It reduces the cost of customer support services. In fact, the availability of calling after office hours increases the value of the brand and the satisfaction of the consumer.

  1. Reduces Costs:

No need to set up call center as the consumer question can be directly answered by automated response. The IVR system costs is almost 1/10th of what one employee will take to handle calls. Calls that cannot be answered by the automated response can be transferred to the right person.

  1. More Control to Customer:

Customer can select from the phone what information he/she is looking for with guidance of recorded voice. This reduces the customer time and efforts and they don’t get frustrated with extra talking. In fact, due to IVR technology, you can tell the customer the exact time they have to wait to get to the next step.

  1. Option for Personalization:

Personalizing feature gives great benefits to the small/startup business as in IVR technology businesses can get a response in regional languages and can add greeting messages. This helps in creating a much better relationship with new as well as an old customer which is the ultimate goal of all the businesses. Personalization leaves better and long-lasting techniques on the customer which ultimately increases brand value.

  1. High level of satisfaction:

As the customer queries get solved within no time it gives more satisfaction to the customer and increases trust in brands which is required for any new brand. Well-designed automatic response and available options in menu with the pickable options for the customers, where they can choose according to their interests to go for a suitable choice, give a sense of involvement with the services.

  1. Increases Productivity:

Instead of wasting time answering similar questions employees can contribute more to efficient work. Even if the customer wants to talk to live agent automatic routing can help to redirect the call to the right person without the interference of any other person.

Apart From this, IVR Services are divided into different parts like Toll-Free Number, Virtual Mobile Numbers, Missed Call service, Pre-recorded Calls, etc. which takes less time but very beneficial to keep your business grow high.  Find the Toll Free Number Price, Missed Call service prices here. For more information fill the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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