Benefits of using Whatsapp Marketing Strategies

Why WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp is a modern way of connecting with others for socializing, business purpose, collaboration, etc. WhatsApp is one of the app, in which we can send a text message, voice messages, video calls and audio calls without any charge. 82% of population in India is using WhatsApp which makes it a great platform for business promotion. On WhatsApp, you can communicate without any restriction on media as it supports image, text, pdf, audio, and video.


Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing-

  1. Better engagement:

WhatsApp is known for its massive reach and engagement. Customer Engagement is a highly essential part of all business firms. By doing WhatsApp marketing business person can revert to the queries of the customer in no time and can easily take feedbacks on their goods or service. As 82% of active WhatsApp users, you can have chance to engage with targeted customers and can generate leads as well. WhatsApp messages can be customized with images and video which makes more engaging. Whatsapp is used by 109 countries so marketing can be done globally as well


  1. Real-Time Service

The main objective of marketing is to reach the customer at the right point in time. Businesses can provide real-time answers to customer’s queries through WhatsApp by text, voice call or video call. It takes even less than 7 seconds to receive WhatsApp message which makes it really fast service due to which customers engage better.


  1. More Interactive

Whatsapp marketing is more beneficial for customer as well as for business.

A businessperson can interact more with customers like can easily take feedbacks on their goods or services whereas customers can easily resolve their queries if they have any related to business.


  1. Creative offers and promotions/Flexible

It is one of the best ways to introduce new products or share daily offers due to the available feature of WhatsApp. Like with creative you can add a short description of your product by using business WhatsApp you can also set business name, profile, website, description and verified business accounts will get green checkmarks too.


  1. Higher CR

According to the Stats, 70% of WhatsApp user uses app daily and out of them, 98% opens the message, therefore, more chances of conversions. CR can also be increased by sharing the catchy digital images, videos, banners, by adding status, etc for the sake of promotions of any services and goods.

  1. Mobile Friendly

As the usage of smartphone is increasing WhatsApp is the best way to connect with potential customers and audience. Most of the people these days prefer texting over calls so whatsapp promotion makes it easy for business to promote their product through whatsapp without a bar on type of media to use for promotion.

  1. Direct Customer Feedback

The major scope of whatsapp marketing is that it helps form a better and strong relation with customers. Businesses can interact with customers directly through whatsapp without involvement of any third party therefore direct feedbacks. It will help business to know real performance of their company which will ultimately help company to improve its product.

16 thoughts on “Benefits of using Whatsapp Marketing Strategies”

  1. WhatsApp marketing is one of the rapidly growing marketing strategies here. So I should say, your article really helps.
    But, there should be a contingency if WhatsApp is down or banned for any reason.
    In Sri Lanka, we had several social media bans in 2018 and 2019
    Most of the time, the Government has banned Facebook, to keep hate speeches from spreading.
    Since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, WhatsApp also got hit.
    This is where almost all the WhatsApp marketing groups started falling.

    I personally think all these modern communication channels are super important and convenient. Yet, we still can not forget about the classic ways of communication. i.e. Emails

    What do you think?

  2. I definitely agree with this on whatsapp, the only thing that is unfortunate with marketing on whatsapp is that its for the younger generations but still is effective.

  3. I have read the full article and it looks relevant in present scenario but we should not forget the power of Digital Marketing. But yes we can use whatsapp marketing with it.

  4. Well, with a BILLION user base, WhatsApp is definitely useful for marketing. I’ve come across many tools and software that allows you to push messages to targetted WhatsApp users.

    Though I am not sure about how it can be implemented properly. What do you think about the niche and products that can work well with WhatsApp marketing?


  5. I’ve heard of people using WhatsApp for business use… I’m still new to the platform and I’m curious if you have tips for a beginner.

  6. Good article, covered the benefits compared to other marketing channels. It would be great if also explain how to use whatsapp business account. Thanks in advance..

  7. I definitely agree with this on whatsapp, the only thing that is unfortunate with marketing on whatsapp is that its for the younger generations but still is effective.

  8. WhatsApp is really one of the most interesting tools for business today. Many small business owners make a large portion of sales with this tool. I recently read an article about ads on the tool and it piqued my curiosity to know how Facebook will actually generate revenue with the app

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